Other Books

The Continuum Dealer: The Mercenaries

The Brethren, led by Jaikayus and Sloan, have rebranded themselves mercenaries and offer their services to all — including the banking planet. Strange adventures await all on bizarre new planets.

The Continuum Dealer: The Empaths

In the fourth installment of The Continuum Dealer series, The seven known empaths in the universe, led by Raquel, are no longer in hiding. They have taken their business of healing and made it into a healing business, with Lynne as the one holdout. Sloan, Ethan, Lee, and Hannah are on a collison course headed toward someone’s ultimate end. Revenge dominates this engrossing installment as the adventure continues.

The Continuum Dealer: THE CLONE

Every revolution starts with a little spark. In this volume, the Brethren plans to train Clones to wage a war at the Continuum Dealer. The question is: will the Angel get involved?

The Continuum Dealer: THE BRETHREN

The second installment in The Continuum Dealer series kicks off with a greater intensity in Ethan’s romantic relationships: Anna is pregnant and Ethan is fighting a gladiator-style match to undo Lee’s slave status. The action and intrigue only increase from there, as the shadow group The Brethren increases its effort to eliminate The Continuum Dealer by any means possible. As Ethan continues his mission to bring people their true names, he visits places he’s never seen before, including the restricted Clone Island.

The Continuum Dealer: BEGINNINGS

An angel’s greeting marks the beginning of the Ethan’s journey as The Continuum Dealer, the one who can tell people what their true name really is. Ethan, his staff, and his leethur (a creature who both protects Ethan and indicates Ethan’s emotions) set off on the interplanetary journey to bring truth and comfort to people. Along the way, Ethan must deal with his struggle of which woman to be with, as well as the mystery of the bombing that killed the previous Continuum Dealer.